Yes we are 100% GDPR compliant. We collect no data on specific users we simply look at anonymised user behaviours. This enables us to create a navigation graph across your site which we use to create predictions from. When you uninstall our plugins on either Shopify or Wordpress we purge our system of all data & delete it.
You need no technical ability to launch this plug in on either Shopify or Wordpress. Once the plug in has be installed and activated (which is done just by clicking the install and activate buttons), all the user has to do is have a Google Analytics account. You have to add our account (read only access) and we then use this to monitor user flow and create predictions.
The system will start working immediately and create a set of predictions for every page within 15 minutes. The accuracy of these predictions will improve over time and typically we need to see 250 unique users navigate the site in order to create accurate predictions. Typically most users see benefit within 2 weeks and within a month it is well optimised hence why we give people a 30 day free trial.
Yes the system is fully supported and we can help you install the plug in and activate it. Once it is live you can log in and start seeing results of page speed improvements.

The Free version will deliver 25% Page Speed Improvement. It creates 2 simple predictions / page and updates weekly. There is no mobile optimisation. The PRO version costs $4.99 per month and delivers 100% page speed improvement from 5 AI driven predictions / page. Predictions update every 15 mins and it is mobile optimised.
The industry standard for page speed assessment is the Time To Interaction (TTI) term. The definition of this statistic is how long does it take for a page to load so that the user can start using it. Our system monitors this statistic on a daily basis across your site ad report it on a daily basis.
Yes we do and please email us directly and speak to one of our sales team and we can look to get you live. We are currently working on an API solution which we hope to release by Q2 2020.
We see page speed improvements of 1.2 sec per page on average. It can vary based on sites user profiles. The big variances come from mobile user rate, the number of pages within the site and number of links on a page. We can predict normally about 60% of users next click and preload these pages.

If you are still having problems please email us Sam@….